Changing Overlocker/Serger Thread


Changing the thread on your overlocker would have to be high up on the list of most avoided sewing activities, wouldn’t you say?


Well, avoid it no longer!  Once you’ve mastered this super simple method of changing your thread colour, you’ll be done in less than a minute.


Here goes…

overlocker thread tutorial 1

1.  Prepare your machine: Raise the presser foot and reduce all tensions to zero.  This will release your tension discs so when you pull your thread through you don’t put undue pressure on the discs.  Raise the needles to the highest position which puts the loopers in the right position.  Also disengage the blade – this is common sense!  It’s also a good idea to turn your machine off (safety first!)

step 2


2.  With tweezers, lift the lower looper thread off the upper looper lever and pull your thread chain through gently.  You won’t be able to pull it through if you don’t do this.

step 3


3. Cut the needle threads above the needle eyes as you don’t want to pull your knots through here later.

step 4

4. Cut the right (upper looper) thread between the thread guide and the tension disc.

step 5 tie a reef knot


5. Tie the new colour thread the the existing thread using a reef knot.  It’s important to use a reef knot instead of any other knot as it creates a nice flat profile to go through your tension discs without causing any damage.  It’s also nice and strong so shouldn’t come undone half way through.   Pull tight and cut off the thread ends.

step 6


6. At the thread chain, find the upper looper thread and pull through slowly until your new thread appears.

step 7


7.  Repeat for the lower looper thread (2nd from the right) and then for the two needle threads.  (The pic above is showing the left needle thread)

step 8


8.  Now thread your needles.

step 9

9.  Position all threads neatly and behind the presser foot.

step 10


10.  Re-set all tensions as desired, lower the presser foot, re-engage the knife and sew a chain.


You’re done!!


Don’t worry if it took you a little while to do this the first time.  After you’ve had a few goes, you’ll be a master in no time!


Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.  Feel free to comment below, send me an email ( or post on the Facebook page.


Happy threading!


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If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, send me an email ( or post on the Facebook page. Catch you soon!

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