Sew for Life is a local Perth-based business founded by local seamstress and teacher Natalie, operating from centrally located Joondanna.

“After having my first baby ten years ago, I really struggled to find a way of connecting with other modern sewists in Perth and at times that would fit around my work and family life. I wanted to join a community of creative people who loved sewing for themselves and their children and who had the same interests as me.”

Now seven years on, Sew for Life has helped over 600 Perth creatives discover their love for sewing or improve their current skills. Our classes are friendly and fun whilst being expertly designed by qualified educators to ensure you receive a quality experience and excellent value for money.


Natalie is the founder of Sew for Life and self-confessed sewing addict! Natalie learned to sew as a child of the 80s, sewing scrunchies on her mum’s machine. She now loves sewing clothes for herself and her family and dabbles in quilting and bag making.

Natalie has a tertiary qualification in adult education and course development and loves sharing her passion for sewing with others.

Anne has 20 years sewing experience as well as 15 years experience as a home economics teacher. Anne loves sewing clothes for her children and projects for gifts. Anne is passionate about teaching and sharing her skills with others.

“When you see the look of pride on someone’s face when they make something with their hands and declare “Look! I made this!”, that’s just the best part”.

Janine has trained in dressmaking and pattern cutting and has been sewing for 20 years. She enjoys sewing clothing for herself and her children, particularly costumes and dress up outfits. Janine also enjoys quilting, embroidery and a bunch of other creative pursuits. Janine is also a qualified teacher.
Lauren has been an avid sewist since she was first introduced to a needle and thread at the age of six. She loves the freedom and creativity that comes with having the ability to shape and join fabric. Lauren is also a health care professional and has a role in education in that field.

“Sewing brings me a great amount of joy and satisfaction, and provides me with an excuse to slow down in an increasingly fast paced world! I really enjoy being able to share my enjoyment of sewing with others; and to see a world of creativity being opened up to them.”

Ylenia (Len) was taught to sew by her grandma as a child but has been truly hooked ever since she bought a sewing machine on a whim 6 years ago. Len is passionate about supporting independent pattern designers and is building an impressive handmade wardrobe. She is also a qualified high school teacher.

“When learning how to sew, don’t strive for sewing perfection, strive for enjoying the process, making mistakes and then learning how to fix them!”

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